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        OUR WORK
           A few lines to explain what we do

A photograph, a shot, a fraction of a second that captures a moment to preserve all life;
a tear of joy, a carefree smile, the embrace of his father moved to the bride happy, endless are the moments to remember, and is only emotion that a photo, even years later, is able to convey the heart.
the professionalism and the experienze of our staff, combined with all unfailing passion for photography, will provide you the best shots for you to remeber, to dream and get excited every time you will see.

Images and color moving, expertly assembled with atmosphere music. There is nothing more  exciting to see each in their own wedding video.
Review the stages of preparation, observe the looks agitated and excited before the ceremony, enjoy all those details in that important day, you could not enjoy it right,  your voice be affected, while the promise of marriage, concern the exchange of wedding rings, enjoy the spectacle of out of the church, with the entusiasm and passion, that only the video will make you live... And this, every time you see it, it's after 1 mounth or after 50th years of marriage.
Shoose our operators to relive your day, we will combine passion, professionalism, experienxe and sympaty, to entertain, to dream and excite you.
No pre-set package, each video is done to himself.

The wedding album, is the cherry on the cake of you photo shoot, intended to make "real" photos taken that day to finally touch them, appreciate, do not display the screen of computer, but just below your eyes.
The choice of an album is important, which is why, I'll be glad to invite you at our studio, in order to see the endless possibilities offered by us.
Arte in Video
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